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Camera Based License Plate Recognition Program – We have partnered with a premier ALPR software provider (Automatic License Plate Reader) and are offering a state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition Program (LPRP). Our technology provides a 95% plus accuracy rate reading and deciphering license plates. This is 30-40% greater than most competitors.

• As our recovery agents/forwarders use the system, they can “spot” and recover your collateral much faster and more efficient.

• We have a “history” database that grows each time a recovery agent or spotter scans a plate.  You as a lender, or the recovery agent/forwarder, can do a search to see what “patterns” that unit is traveling and how often and when it has been spotted previously.

• Our LPRP will have many more features to help you manage your recoveries. Call us!

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