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Best of Both the Lender and Agent features– You will have access to all of the recovery agent features as well as the RALF feature of the lenders.  We will never “require” your repossession vendors to “pay” for our service. This is why we created “Plan X”. “Plan X” is for your repossession vendors to accept and update accounts assigned to them by you within RepoSystems. (see our next topic “Free Agent Profile”)

Free Agent Profile (“Plan X”) – Although our business model is to receive subscriptions for our service from recovery agents/forwarders and lenders alike, we understand that lenders who choose our service, may not want to mandate their repossession vendors use RepoSystems “subscription/pay for” full-service. Therefore, we designed “Plan X”, where an agent/forwarder can have a “Profile” on RepoSystems to accept orders, update orders and create condition reports, for an account created and assigned by you...free of charge.

At any point, your repossession vendors can upgrade to our economical “subscription/pay for” full service. This will allow them to manage their business more effectively and efficiently, while continuing to provide valuable service to you…their client.

Bulk Uploads – For those of you who process large numbers of repossessions, we have created a Bulk Upload utility to import accounts into your RepoSystems profile. You can then process those updates on a regular basis, saving you considerable amounts of time.

RALF – An acronym for “Recovery Agent Locator Finder”. It sounds a bit funny, but it is exactly what it states. Each recovery agent profile offers the option to enter the zip codes that they want to service. Each time you enter a repossession order through our system, you can click the “RAL” button to find the agent nearest the debtors address. You can then make the assignment to them, and they can begin processing the account for you.

Camera Based License Plate Recognition Program – We have partnered with a premier ALPR provider (Automatic License Plate Reader) and will are offering a state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition Program (LPRP). Our technology provides a 90% plus accuracy rate reading and deciphering license plates. This is 30-40% greater than most competitors.

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